Equipment requirements can become quite costly in the initial and long-term care of one’s stoma.

It is calculated that on average, an individual spends between $1,200-$1,500 yearly on basic stoma equipment such as, flanges, bags, and accessories.

This is without taking into account further expenditures incurred, owing to the myriad of problems that can arise in the care of a stoma. Issues such as, flanges not adhering, sensitivities/skin reactions to certain products, difficulty installing a bag, along with leaks or episodes of diarrhea, can begin to add up quickly. 

From the simple to more complex issues, we understand the impact for those living with a stoma.

Ostomy Depot would like to propose solutions that could substantially reduce your yearly expenditures. 

By offering better pricing for equipment, pared down service, along with support care products, which allows for prolonged wearability, reducing the need for costly replacements throughout the year, we are able to pass savings onto you.

Please keep in mind that it is always recommended to consult with your Stomatherapist, if a product or change of item is best suited for your needs.

Here is a breakdown of options to help you save:

Option #1

Verify the prices and quantities that you use vs the product and pricing alternatives of our competitors.


Ostomy Paste



Moldable Ring


Ostomy Powder


Skin Barrier Wipes and Spray



Remover Wipes and Spray


Option #2

The following products provide additional support to assist in extending the length of wearability for your flange or bag.                           

Fewer flanges utilized= more money saved.

Ostomy Pouch Liners 


Ostomy Flange Seal Rings


Ostomy Barrier Strips and Extenders


Stoma Odor Control and leak prevention


Medical Tapes  

Transpore Adhesive Tapes - Clear - 1 in. or 2 in.

Option #3 - Calculate the cost of your stoma material by product unit. Often the mistake made when calculating, is taking the total purchase amount and only the full-box cost into consideration. Make sure to breakdown your receipt and to calculate the true cost of wearing your equipment based on the frequency of changes and actual length of wear. 

Using the following example of client A and that of client B to compare the unit cost of a piece of equipment, according to the frequency utilized, the following breakdown gives us the resulting annual savings: 


Client A  UoM Cost/unit Annual Frequency Subtotal
Flange 1 12.00$ 110 1,320$
Drainable Pouch 1 6.00$ 52 312$
Mouldable Ring 1 6.00$ 52 312$
Total 1,944$



Client B  UoM Cost/unit Annual Frequency Subtotal
Flange 1 12.00$ 73 876$
Drainable Pouch 1 6.00$ 52 312$
Mouldable Ring 1 6.00$ 52 312$
Elastic Tape 2 3,30$ 73 240.90$
Total 1,740.90$


We are able to see that using specialized elastic tape around the flange increases length of wearability, thus reducing the yearly consumption of material.

(Using 73 flanges with the addition of supportive tape vs 110 flanges when worn without.) The annual cost, with the elastic tape, equals an overall savings of 10% on your bill!

To further assist you in breaking down the cost of savings, do not hesitate to consult our Savings Calculator; this tool has been expressly designed to maximize savings.

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If you are a consumer and have further suggestions for saving, contact us here:

It would be our pleasure to share your tips and idea's with our clients!



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